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Welcome to the Brazos Valley Figure Skating Club Website! Keep up to date with all the latest annoucements and events related to the club and Spirit Ice Arena. For more information about the club, click below.


    Competition Season 2022

    Visit the competition registration pages for announcement & further competition details.

    Unless otherwise stated, register through EMS ( / Members Only)

    Skate Dallas ~ June 8-11 (Registration deadline May 5) 

           Excel Series Competition

    Dallas Classic ~ July 8-10 (Registration deadline June 6)

           Solo Ice Dance Series

    Skate Houston ~ September 2-5

           National Qualifying Series

    Austin Autumn Classic ~ September 22-25

           National Qualifying Series


    Anticipated 2023 Competitions

    Spirit of the Brazos Invitational ~ Anticipated January 2023 ~ College Station

    Alamo Skate (San Antonio) ~ Late February (Potential Excel Series)

    Houston Invitational ~ Mid-March (Potential Excel Series)

    Sugar Skate (Sugarland) ~ Beginning of April (Potential Excel Series)

    Skate Austin ~ Late April (Potential Excel Series; Potential Solo Ice Dance Series)

    Memorial Trophy (Houston) ~ Late May

    Skate Dallas ~ Early June (Potential Excel Series Competition)

    Competition Series 

    Participate in the Series that is right for you!

    (Some links will require login through  / Members Only)

    Adult Competition Series (Adult 1-Adult Bronze) ~ Register by February 1

    Excel Series ~ Register by March 1 or earliest competition

    Solo Ice Dance Series ~ Register by April 1

    National Qualifying Series ~ Register July 15-September 1

    Adult Qualifying Competition Series ~ Register August 15-October 1

    More Information

    Stay Informed

    Be sure to receive informational texts about rink schedules and event remeinders! text @siafgr to 81010.

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