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BVFSC Membership

Become a member of the Brazos Valley Figure Skating Club! The BVFSC enjoys a strong relationship within the skating community, so join today and receive the many benefits of being a member. 


As a non-profit organization, the club relies 100% on its members for its successful operation and sponsored events. So becoming a member is not only beneficial to you, but to all the members within the skating community here in the Brazos Valley.


The club hosts Club Ice, Test Sessions, Skating Competitions, Skater Development Seminars, and more! Don't miss out on  a great opportunity to be part of a great community of skaters and family members!


The Club year beings July 1st and runs until June 30th.

New club jackets are coming soon!!  Stay tuned for more info.

Membership Levels

For Membership questions, please contact Kim Williams, Membership Chair.


Membership Options:

  • Introductory - $75.00 (First time membership for US Figure Skating)

  • Adult Sponsor of Introductory - $35.00

  • Senior - $130.00 (members 18 & older)

  • Junior - $130.00 (members under 18; requires adult sponsor)

  • Adult Sponsor - $65.00

  • Additional Family Member - $55.00

  • Collegiate - $140.00 (4-year membership for skaters currently enrolled in college.)

  • Associate - $55.00

  • Coach / Professional (PSA member) - $0.00 (Spirit Ice Arena contract coaches only)

  • Coach / Professional (non-PSA member) - $60.00

  • Aspire Bridge Program - $40.00 (requires participation in Spirit Ice Arena ASPIRE program)

  • Aspire Adult Sponsor - $35.00


Membership has its privileges!  Your full membership includes:

  • US FIGURE SKATING (USFS) Membership and your own membership card and number

  • Subscription to Skating Magazine (one per household)

  • USFS Supplementary Insurance

  • Ability to test at USFS-sponsored test sessions

  • Ability to compete at USFS sanctioned events

  • Ability to participate in USFS events

  • Ability to participate in all BVFSC Club Ice Sessions

  • Club-member rates for local test sessions and special events

  • Voting rights in General Membership Meetings (for members 18 years old and older)

  • Ability the serve on the BVFSC Board of Directors (for members 18 years old and older)

  • And much more to come!

BVFSC Videos:


Brazos Valley Teams


Theatre on Ice Teams

The BVFSC has two TOI (theatre on ice) teams which compete at the Intermediate and Novice level. TOI is a form of competitive figure skating that is very popular in Europe. It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Teams consist of 8-30 skaters. Emphasis is placed on originality, costuming, artistry and musicality. For more information about joining email Karen Peterson.

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