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Congratulations to ITS HOT!

The Ice Theater Skaters from the Heart of Texas, ITS HOT!, represented the BVFSC in high-flying Texas-style, winning the Team Spirit Award at the kick-off parade in Evansville, Indiana at this year's National Theater on Ice Competition. 80 teams from across the country took part in the event. The team participated in the inaugural Intermediate level event, finishing a fantastic 5th place! 2016-2017 ITS HOT! members: Patty Grace Mayer, Clara Amstalden, Victoria Randolph, Aideen Gabbai, Keira Cannon, Carolina Rueda, Beatrix McClarren, Grace Crouch, Eithne Gabbai, Kallie Williams, Shrea Karthick, Regan Horcica, Sophia Dailey, Lucy Fajt, Nikia Morales, Divya Srinivasa, Mia Jonasson, Madelyn Okruhlik & Ethan Williams. Coached by Megan Jonasson & Amy Kujawa.

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