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Inner Champ Mental Toughness Seminar

BVFSC has the wonderful opportunity to have Choeleen Loundagin, Sports Physchologist, Skater, Coach, and Author in College Station! She is a dear friend of Coach Candice Morris and has been highly recommended by Coaches Amy Kujawa and Caitlin Bell who have participated in her seminars in Houston. Please see the attached document for more of Choeleen's accomplishments.

  • The SKATER seminar will be Tuesday, July 14 from 9:00am-12pm. Price is $50

  • A PARENT seminar will be Tuesday, July 14 from 6:00-8:00pm. Price is $25.

  • Register on Entryeeze under Merchandise. There are three options: Skater Seminar, Parent Seminar, and Both Skater and Parent Seminar

  • Private sessions are available for $50 per 30 minutes and will be handled through an email link.

Please register ASAP...we need at least 12 skaters and parents to attend to make the seminar!!!

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